Sentencing for a March, 2011, crime occurred today.

69-year-old Katona-King, mother of three and a deacon at First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Logan Square, was murdered in March 2011 when she was pushed down the stairs at the Fullerton "L" station by a thief after he snatched her iPhone. 

Five months later, 18-year-old Prince Watson was arrested for the crime. 

He pleaded guilty to counts of robbery and a murder count.

Today Watson faced sentecing for his crime. During the hearing, Watson read a letter to Katona-King's family:

“All I wanted to do was snatch iPhones and get away,” Watson’s letter read. “I know I hurt your family tremendously … Please forgive me.”

Watson was sentenced to 32 years in prison by a Cook County judge. 

Source: Redeye