Following the announcement of 49 school closures, Chicago Public Schools announced Friday that 850 employees would not have jobs to come back to in the fall.

The Sun-Times reported:

“At the 48 closing schools, 420 teachers of 1,005 total lost their jobs, plus 110 paraprofessionals and 133 bus aides and part-timers. At the five schools headed for “turnaround,” where the children remain in the building but all the adults are replaced, 192 staffers were laid off: 125 teachers, 20 paraprofessionals, 20 bus aides and part-timers and 27 clerks, custodians and security staffers.”

Up to 600 teachers could be moving from closing schools to receiving schools but reports state that there are still more layoffs in the future. 

As CPS tries to close a $1 billion budget cut for next year, the total amount of layoffs is still unknown. 

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times

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