Social media has opened all sorts of new doors for dumb criminals. 

This week, we bring you Nicholas Emond. According to reports, he's "wanted by the New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force on an outstanding warrant for violations of conditions of supervised release." Emond was convicted of a firearms possession felony. 

Police released a statement that the missing felon should be considered "armed and dangerous."

When a local TV station posted Emond's photo on its Facebook page, Emond had something to say about it--on the same Facebook page!

Though his Facebook profile moniker is Sin Demon, that's Emond commenting on the photo and attempting to set the record straight:

Amazingly, Emond still hasn't been captured. Whereever he is, hopefully he's staying away from the computer. 

Sources: Deadspin, WMUR 

Screenshots via WMUR's Facebook page