The Bronx is being recognized for laying the foundation of hip-hop music.  According to the "New York Daily News," the New York borough will be featured in the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center in Washington, D.C. as part of the institute's "Places of Invention" exhibit. 

Laurel Fritzsch, who is curating the Bronx section of the exhibit, says the museum wanted to show how an entire community can come together to create a "recipe for invention." 

Fritzsch says the Bronx emcees and DJs who gave birth to hip-hop were able to use their "hands-on skills" to create a new form of music.  She also points out that many of the modern sound mixers and speakers used today came out of the early hip-hop movement.  Much of that hardware - including boomboxes and vinyl records - will be on display in the exhibit.  

The Places of Innovation exhibit is scheduled to kick off in Spring 2015.  

Photo Credit Getty Images