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Guns and drugs were allegedly among the cargo on 2 Chainz's tour bus when it was pulled over by police in Oklahoma City last month.  Two Chainz - born Tauheed Epps - and ten others were arrested for obstruction following an intense standoff on the tour bus. 

According to the "Oklahoman's", legal documents filed in Oklahoma County District Court on Tuesday show that a search of the bus turned up a pair of .40-caliber handguns as well as a box of pistol ammunition.  A 12-gauge pump-action shotgun was also found along with 20 shotgun shells. 

Officers also reportedly discovered the prescription medications hydrocodone and Flexeril, however, there were no prescriptions for the drugs.  There was also evidence of marijuana on the bus, including marijuana residue, metal grinders, scales and rolling papers.  

After the tour bus was pulled over for a busted tail light, 2 Chainz and the other passengers refused to allow officers on board.  While police later obtained a search warrant, they claim they had probable cause to search the bus without a warrant because there was the odor of marijuana emanating from the bus. 

Photo Credit Splash News