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Eminem is speaking out against internet piracy in a fake public service announcement.  In an audio recording posted on the Shady Records YouTube account, the rapper explains why illegal downloads are hurting the music industry. 

The mock public service announcement then finds Slim Shady blaming piracy for causing him stress that led to drug use and a stint in rehab.  While Em makes the consequences of piracy seem extreme, he ends the rant on a lighter note, admitting that if he had the opportunity to get free music when he was young, he would have done the same thing.  However, he says that now that he raps for a living, his fans should go out and buy his music.  

Eminem's announcement comes just days after his upcoming album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, leaked online.  The album is slated to hit stores on Tuesday.

Check out his mock PSA below (*Warning: Explicit language): 

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