Blessed (formerly Jay Star) was born in Chicago Illinois. Having being raised in one of its toughest projects, Parkway Gardens now known as O-Block, As a young Man Blessed has experienced many things from gang violence, homicides, poverty, as well as incarceration. Although his mom and dad were present, Blessed was raised by his paternal grandmother. Hoping to fill the voids and bring forth change to his own life and community, he turned to music.

His first mixtape Married To The Block was self released when Blessed was only 17. It received much praise from the locals, but Blessed felt that he needed to do more. Constantly in the studio, working on and perfecting his craft, he dropped another mixtape Back 2 Da Hood, which received more praise than the first.

While it was nice to know his peers and others respected his craft and exalted his work, that wasn’t his objective. A young talented Blessed hopes to live through his music, tired of the way the rap game has been played with music of no substance and is very eager and passionate about the change he will bring. “It’s time,” he’s stated.