Ryan Anderson also known by his stage name Rhino (The Neurosurgeon) is a Chicago hip hop recording artist with an upcoming album titled "Gene Therapy". Born and raised in Chicago, Rhino uses his diverse background and common knowledge to create interesting sounds or concepts that lend a touch to his artistry and poetic tone. Not only is he lyrically talented but his music is very diverse in a way that can be soothing to the ear and is a mixture of different genres. Ryan Anderson a.k.a Rhino surprisingly has many other hidden talents that are uncommon. Growing up and till this day, Ryan has always had a love for imagination and art, what better to convey that through video games. He is a 3D modeler/video game designer. Most interesting thing however is that Rhinos music is a mixture of a poetic drifting consciousness that often dwells even obsesses over the fundamentals of human nature, and life. Weird flows, meaningful messages and chill vibes are to be expected as the Chicago artist continues to progress his sound through his experiences in life.