(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for NAACP)

Just when we thought this Columbus Short saga couldn't get any crazier? It did.  So apparently Columbus Short is coming for revenge, and he is coming hard.  In a new video released by TMZ, via Columbus, he is trying to prove to the world that Tanee was the violent one in this relationship.

Here's the Tea: so when Columbus was arrested for domestic abuse on February 18 for beating up his wife, (who is the one on top in the video.)  The next day after he bailed out of jail, he called his friend Tilly Key (who is on the bottom in the video) to come to his house to pick him up.

TMZ reports that when Tilly walked into the house, Tanee went haywall on her and started to beat her up. 

Tilly says she suffered a concussion, a cervical sprain, multiple contusions, a lumbar sprain and lumbar strain.  Tanee has a protection order against Columbus for allegedly threatening to kill her.

Just last week we reported that Columbus Short broke in his house on Easter weekend and destroyed it. 

via TMZ