2-year-old Boogie Dash was at his apartment on Sept. 22nd in Chelsea in NYC when his girlfriend reportedly came to visit.  Things got crazy after the couple had two fights--supposedly over sex--that led to injuries.  And Boogie reportedly got extra physical, choking her out and punching her. States Theybf.com

The NY Post reports:

“They had an apparent dispute over sex,” a law enforcement source told The Post of Dash-the-younger and his girlfriend.

“She was visiting him at his apartment, he got violent with her, starts to punch her, slap her and shove her onto the bed, got on top of her, he grabs her by the throat and chokes her,” the source said.

They briefly reconciled but then had another fight, at which point the victim called the cops, the source said.

Dash climbed on top of her and “placed both of [his] hands around [her] neck and squeezed tightly,” to the point where she had trouble breathing, according to the misdemeanor complaint against him.