"Thinkin Bout You" singer Frank Ocean has made another name change. Ocean has always had the attitude of "If you don't like your name, change it", and he is doing just that.

Frank's birth name , Christopher Edwin Breaux has decided to legally change his name to Frank Ocean. But in order for it to be official he has to put his intentions in a newspaper on 4 separate occasions -- once a week, 4 weeks in a row. He has to do this just in case he was trying to defraud someone, the potential victims have 4 weeks to come forward and object to the name change in court.

This isn't Frank's first name change, back in 2o10 he switched from Christopher Breaux to Christopher Francis Ocean on online documentation service LegalZoom. He told Complex Magazine in March 2011:

'It just felt cool. None of us are our names. If you don’t like your name then change your name." 'I’m only a few steps into the process, so I probably shouldn’t even be talking about this, but by the beginning of summer I’ll be straight. I’ll be boarding planes as Christopher Francis Ocean.'
Well Frank, you're almost there buddy!!