The internet has been a buzz with a video by a former Next Media Animation employee Marina V. Shifrin. She hated her job that she worked for 2 years, and created a video telling her she was quitting. In the background was Kanye West’s “Gone”, and the video that has more than 14millions views landed her a feature on The Queen Latifah Show. Well it ended up being more than just a feature, The Queen actually offered her a new job! Queen Latifah said:

"I like to be surrounded by cool, creative, interesting people. With your experience maybe I can create a position. What if I created something called Digital Content Producer, would that be something you’re interested in?"

She hit her twitter to express her thanks for the new job.

If Marina accepts the job offer (which I am sure she will) according to, Digital Content Producers can make around $55K a year. Check out Marina's job offer with Queen Latifah

Check out her "I Quit" Video below: