After months of speculation and rumors surrounding her marriage with NBA baller Daniel 'Boobie' Gibson, Keyshia Cole has finally decided to confirm the couples split.

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, when asked the status of the relationship she simply replied "We co-parent." She added that Gibson is in fact a great father to their son and comes to her house everyday at 8:30 pick him up for school, while she picks him up after school.

During the chat Keyshia also says that she didn't think Daniel would ever cheat on her. On a heels of her new release "Rick James,"

Cole admits she recenly slapped a 'male' like Rick James a few months ago, and fled the scene. Cole did avoid the question of if the two are divorced, but clears up rumors about the Michelle Wiliams' beef, and addresses Beyonce hatred, after she released "Bow Down:"

"I love Beyonce, she's always a very sweet girl, to me it just wasn't her thing, but that's just not what i know her her."

Watch the in depth interview below: