So, this looks like... per the usual the BEST Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season. VH1 posted the super trailer and here's how the season will go down:

  • Mimi made a sex tape with her new boyfriend, Nikko, which "leaked" and she has now sold to Vivid. Stevie then threatens to take their child away from her.
  • Scrappy's mom tells him he needs to "control his b---ches," because it all comes to a head at club where his current girlfriend Bambi is confronted by a lady he just got pregnant, and he wants to keep it.
  • Kirk gives his new born child with Rasheeda a paternity test and doesn't tell her—and Benzino reads the results and then burns them. Rasheeda starts to get back in the studio and needs a nanny. Kirk finds a nanny and she is a pretty young girl that ends up liking Kirk because she was under the impression Rasheeda and Kirk where living together and just co-parenting.
  • Waka Flocka Flame makes his debut on the show along with his fiancée Tammy, who gets into it with Joseline.
  • Karlie Redd seems to be dating Yung Joc, and Karlie has issues with infidelity.
  • It ends with Benzino in the hospital with Stevie J and his new woman Althea, after bgin shot by his cousin heading to his mother's funeral.

Check out the super trailer below:

via Complex