NeNe Leakes made a stop by The Arsenio Hall and added her two cents about the Porsha and Kenya brawl that went down on The RHOA Reunion part 1. Nene has made it clear that she is #TeamPorsha:

She explains: “I’m Team Porsha and I will tell you why. Honestly, if I felt Kenya was right I would side with her…but what do you want? If you are going to provoke and you are going to taunt – you expect someone to retaliate. I remember Porsha asking (production) ‘Can you stop her from pointing the thing?’ No one did anything. I honestly think that they [production] thought it would be funny. It’s just not right. You can’t invade someone’s personal space.“

If you were watching closely, all of the cast mates, ran to Porsha's defense, and Nene even held her hand over Porsha's mouth to get her to stop talking. Nene explains:

“I’m a mom. Porsha scared me for a minute. I wanted her to be quiet. She was saying so much, I didn’t want her to incriminate herself. I know a thing or to about being incriminated. People are listening and you are under contract. Don’t incriminate yourself.”

NeNe also, throws shade Marlo's way and feels Porsha should not be fired. Check out the video below: