Rihanna recently admitted that her accountant mismanaged her funds, and she was left bankrupt in 2009. In recent court documents, Rih claims at the beginning of 2009, she had $11M, but by the end of the same year, she was left with just $2M.

How do you mis-manage $9Million dollars you ask? Well it was around the release of her Rated R album and she was also on tour. Though the pop star was bringing in double income, her expenses doubled as well.

Rihanna whose real name is Robyn Fenty is now filing legal documents filed against her accountant, the documents are to prove that the accountant OK'd the purchase of a new crib priced between $7 and 7.5 million which left Rihanna's funds all screwed up. 

The house ended up being sold, at a $2Million loss. In the documents it also states that Rihanna's Last Girl On Earth tour was losing money, and her accountant never mentioned it to the singer. Rihanna is currently suing her accountant for gross mismanagement. Since then the pop star have made a full recovery and it worth 4 times of that she lost in 2009 and is sitting pretty at a net worth of $43Million. [SOURCE]