IF Ye ever became Mayor of Chicago, I guess we could thank Ben Shepard who launched a website Kanye4Mayor.org in hopes that people in the city will get behind the idea and support Ye's political climb to Power.

Shepard was quoted as saying:

 "Sure, he's crazy and unpredictable, but he would also look out for the concerns of poor people in the city better than the current administration."

I don't know if that's all too reassuring having an emotionally unstable mayor but when asked if Ye's camp has responded he said: 

"I would love for Kanye's people to call and say 'OK, give us your pitch,'" Shepard said. "But if that doesn't happen, maybe Chicagoans will learn something about the city. That would be cool."


Would you want to see Kanye as Mayor? leave your comments below.

Via Chicago Tribune