The Moment “Gary from Chicago” Stole the Oscars from Jimmy Kimmel [VIDEO]

During the Oscars, host Jimmy Kimmel led a group of people off the street outside of Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles who did not know the 89th Academy Awards were filming Sunday evening. Vicki and Gary from Chicago immediately stole the show. 

"I feel like you’re ignoring the white celebrities." Gary said to Kimmel 

"Yes, I am." Gary replied without hesitation.

Vicki told Kimmel she and Gary plan to get wed on July 18th and that Denzel Washington was her favorite actor. Jimmy called Washington over to officiate the wedding.

"It's Denzel, so it's legal.” Kimmel told the audience after Washington pronounced the couple man and wife.

The Chicago Bulls got in on the action and announced game tickets for "Gary."

Let the #GaryFromChicago MEMEs begin!

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