Chance The Rapper: "I did not lose today... Monday morning I'll have a plan."

Much love to Chance the Rapper for taking action and standing up for the children. 

While Chance the Rapper was without a doubt very flustered after his meeting with Governor Bruce Rauner at the James R. Thompson Center, he took to Twitter and prophesied on the matter. 

The Chicago Sun Times reports:

Rauner said the pair had agreed to talk more over the weekend on a school-funding solution that the two could present to the legislature when it reconvenes Tuesday. 

While that "sounds good" Rauner went on to say, "if he has a staff member or a trusted person who advises him on education issues, I'd love to talk to them too."

After massive budget cuts, dozens of school closures, libraries shut and beyond; Action is absolutely necessary. Personally speaking, I'm going to need Rauner to stop talking about it and be about it.

Gabrielle Union, who is currently a Chicago resident, took to Twitter to support Chano.

The good fight is not over. Let's get behind this Chicago!

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