Bone Thugs's Bizzy Bone Abusing Ex-Fiance

Bizzy Bone went C-R-A-Z-Y on his ex- fiance and she got it all on audio. The audio was very hard for me to listen to because it paints a nasty picture of what was really going down. Ranna Royce says that Bizzy was drunk and just came home attacking her. She also says they have a violent history and was afraid to come forward. 

This incident happened last year in 2016, but a recent string of threatening text is what prompted her to move forward with getting a restraining order. On the other hand, Bizzy is denying all allegations that his ex is making... sounds similar to Karueche vs Chris Brown...

Super disappointed to report this story! I love Bone Thugs and I will be interviewing Bizzy and Krazie Bone on this upcoming season of Black Ink Crew Chicago airing July 19th. 

Click Here To Hear Chilling Audio

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