Is "The Kings" crown tarnished? I think not!

Lebron James

Here's my thoughts on the finals and where Lebron ranks in the history of NBA greats...

Consistency-conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness.

Somewhere M.J., Kobe, and other NBA legends have a smirk on there faces....Oh don't get it twisted its not because the "King" got defeated and the discussion of G.O.A.T. cannot be held anymore. No thats not why they are smirking . They have the smug facial expression, because now even they might actually have to accept that Lebron James sits amongst the pantheon of NBA greats right now due to the word that started this testimony! "Consistency". Kevin Durant wears a smirk on his face too for many reasons...1. He has his championship now, even amidst the claims of some in the media and rabid fans that the move he made to Golden State was weak! Not only did he go to Golden State and "consistently" show why he is one of the best in the NBA he also made a team with a 2 time M.V.P. (one unanimous), and 2 more all stars coming off a 73-9 season where he and his former team had them down 3-1 only to lose, "his" team! 2. Russell Westbrook looks like he might win the league MVP but Easy Money Sniper is smirking and thinking "see if you would have just learned how to make the game easy for me you'd have a chip now! Hell Mark Jackson has a smirk on his face too cause he created the base for a delicious championship elixir that Steve Kerr got to sip..."twice". The smuggest smirk in the room though comes from the "King" who is laughing at the fact that some think the rest of the league is close to him, that he is turning the corner and headed downhill after 14 years, he's not a closer he doesn't will his team to victory etc,etc. There's no passing of the torch, the separation between Lebron and the rest of the league is still as wide as the Grand Canyon, and even though Durant was the finals MVP one could still argue that Lebron was still the best player on the floor in the finals, 31 pts 11 reb and 10 ast (first player to ever avg a trip dub in finals) would back that debate emphatically! Even in a loss Lebron is still the best player in the NBA facts! Yes 6-0 is amazing and as a acolyte in the house of Jordan I know who the GOAT is (sorry Kareem) but to act like we are not "witnessing" a deity amongst us who in his 14th year is actually better statistically would be totally delusional! So hats of to Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors on your championship run, we will probably see the same two teams again next year displaying the same "consistency" that got them to this point in the first place! Alas though the debate of who is close to Lebron is not a debate for his consistency is rivaled by no one in this current NBA regime, and its on par for the course with the one basketball god that has exemplified greatness....Stay Tuned....

Leon "The Destined Legend" Rogers

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