Mike Tyson To Build 20-Acre Marijuana Farm To A California!


First, there was the boxing ring. Then came "The Hangover." And now Mike Tyson is going green.

Late last month, the former boxing heavyweight champ broke ground on a 40-acre cannabis operation in the quiet desert of California City, a remote town 60 miles south of Death Valley with a population of 15,000.

Half of the acreage on Tyson Ranch will be devoted to cannabis growing, The Blast reports. The remaining 20 acres will feature a cutting-edge extraction facility, a "Tyson Cultivation School," an edible factory and a hydro-feed plant and supply store.

"Smoke and stay" appears to be the planned modus operandi for the Tyson venture, as the ranch will also include "glamping" campsites and cabins, The Blast writes. The plot of land is near Edwards Air Force Base, the online publication explained, and Tyson intends his eponymous ranch to be a source of jobs for military veterans.

The 51-year-old's company Tyson Holistic will operate the ranch with a focus on treating those suffering from psychological ailments linked to military service.

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