NBA Star Austin Rivers Made ‘Inappropriate’ Comment About Chris Paul’s Wife


The Los Angeles CLIPPERS and the Houston ROCKETS came to BLOWS last night . . . and Chris Paul was so UPSET that he went to the LOCKER ROOM after – and was nearly ARRESTED FOR trying to go at former teammate Austin Rivers.

Now learned WHAT HAPPENED . . . that had Chris Paul ready to LOSE EVERYTHING . . . and get into an OFF THE COURT FIGHT. spoke with a person CLOSE to Chris who told us that former TEAMMATE Austin Rivers made some DISPARAGING remarks about Chris Paul’s beautiful wife Jada.

The insider told, “Austin Rivers said something to the effect of ‘That’s why I smashed Jada.'”

A DIFFERENT person close with the Clippers told, “No one believes that that YELLOW SCRAWNY SCRUB actually did anything with Jada, it was just so disrespectful. I want Chris to hurt that fool . .. but I don’t want [Chris] to mess up his [image].”

What makes it so bad is that Chris and Austin and Jada were all friends . . . a couple of years ago.

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