#TrumpShutdown Trends After Federal Government Shutdown


The U.S. Senate floor was abuzz with action all Friday night (Jan. 19) as lawmakers scrambled to get votes to extend the funding and keep the federal government operational. When the clock struck midnight and moving into Saturday on the East Coast, the federal government was officially shut down with both sides pointing fingers of blame and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer saying that the shut down fell on President Donald Trump‘s shoulders.

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opened the floor to blast the Democrats for not agreeing to the vote and resisting the budget extension, Sen. Schumer took the podium and expressed his own disappointment in the failure to pass the extension.

With 60 votes needed to pass the extension, the final tally was 50-49 for and against, prompting Sen. Schumer to call on the fact that a handful or Republicans opposed the extension too. In that same moment, Schumer expressed that he tried to meet President Trump on some of his budget needs, including the controversial border wall to no avail, which then gave way to Schumer blaming Trump for the shutdown.

The trending topic and hashtag #TrumpShutDown cropped up on Twitter, this as President Donald Trump took to the social media platform to express his disappointment. We’ve collected some of the chatter connected to the hashtag below and on the following pages.

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