Super Bowl 52 Tickets Set To Be The HIGHEST EVER!

Your wallet may take a hit if you're trying to go to the Super Bowl!


The cheapest ticket on resale markets for the Patriots-Eagles Super Bowl is $4,370, according to TicketIQ. If Super Bowl LII ticket prices hold at Monday morning's level, they would set a new record.

They would shatter prices for the 2016 Broncos-Panthers Super Bowl 50 matchup. (TicketIQ began tracking prices in 2010.)

The average resale ticket price was "just" $5,976 for last year's Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots Super Bowl LI matchup.

The huge increase in resale price is because there aren't as many tickets available on secondary markets as there have been in past years, explained TicketIQ founder Jesse Lawrence.

Secondary markets used to be the primary way fans bought tickets, but the NFL now sells the bulk of Super Bowl tickets directly through its own ticket broker.

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