Chicago Gospel Singer Nominated For Grammy


Chicago gospel singer Anita Wilson is up for a Grammy Award this weekend, and is hoping to return to the South Side as a winner.

Her album, "Sunday Songs," is up for a Grammy on Sunday, and can be described as gospel with a jazzy edge." These Grammy nominations let us know that hard work isn't in vain," she said.

Wilson, who is among 40 local nominees, grew up in southern Illinois as the daughter of a Baptist pastor. She started singing in the choir at just 6 years old and was drawn to Chicago by the music.

"Man, Chicago, there is so much history in the essence of gospel music has been in Chicago for many, many years," Wilson said. "I find it very important to stand on the shoulders and to acknowledge and salute the shoulders that we stand on.

"This is Wilson's third nomination, and she's governor of the Recording Academy's Midwest Chapter. She hopes three times a charm."We're like, "Listen, we were invited to the party, a lot of people didn't get the call, but we were chosen to be the final five,'" Wilson said.

Wilson works with her husband, Rick Robinson, who is also her writer, producer and one of her musicians.

"We labor over what we do with the lyrics and the melody and all that because we're very serious about the quality of what we produce and create," she said. "This particular album is on my own record label so that feels good to be in charge, I'm the boss, so I kind of call the shots."

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