Metra Hikes Up Train Prices!


The first day of the month is also the first day of paying more to get to and from work for hundreds of thousands of people in the Chicago suburbs. A Metra fare hike went into effect Thursday morning.

Starting Thursday, the price of all one-way tickets will go up $.25. Monthly passes will go up between $9 and $12.50, depending on the zone. Weekend passes will go up from $8 to $10. The price of 10-ride tickets will increase $4.25 to $7.75 depending on the zone.

The rate hikes, along with service cuts to both weekday and weekend trains come as Metra continues to struggle with a large budget gap, due in part to state funding cuts, trying to do more with less Metra is seeking customer input to redo its fare structure. Among the things they're looking at: lowering ticket prices for people who take off peak trains.

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