LeBron James Allegedly Cussed Cavaliers Executives!

According to The Athletic's Jason Lloyd, "James cursed toward at least two team executives" during the late January team meeting in which some players questioned the legitimacy of Kevin Love's illness. 

Lloyd noted the Cavaliers "have been noticeably pivoting away from James' recommendations" since the offseason. According to Lloyd, James wanted them to bring Kyrie Irving to training camp, but they instead placated the point guard's trade request by shipping him to the Boston Celtics. 

Citing a source, Lloyd reported the Cavaliers completed the deal "without consulting James."

On top of that, Lloyd wrote James has "no relationship" with owner Dan Gilbert or general manager Koby Altman. Gilbert did not renew the contract of former GM David Griffin following the 2016-17 season. 

Since then, turmoil has engulfed the organization from top to bottom, with Gilbert reportedly seizing control of basketball operations. 

Bleacher Report's Ken Berger previously reported Gilbert is "firmly in charge of basketball decisions once again," while Altman has been stuck in purgatory without a defined role. 

"Whereas Griffin would consult with James and keep him informed of major roster decisions, that is no longer happening," Lloyd wrote. "James doesn't trust this front office, and there is no communication now between management and star player."

"The word is out that Dan is running things," a rival executive told Berger. "Frankly, that's where he's happiest and the role he's most comfortable in."

James won't waive his no-trade clause before Thursday's deadline and reportedly intends to "see [the] year through in Cleveland," according to Yahoo Sports' Shams Charania. 

For now, all indications suggest a second divorce may be in play this summer.  


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