Former Supt. Garry McCarthy Did Not Decided On Running For Mayor

Chicago's former top cop is considering a run to replace his old boss and while Garry McCarthy said he hasn't made up his mind on a run at Chicago mayor, his words seem to say otherwise.

Listening to his remarks and looking at the signs, it appears that it was a campaign rally. But Garry McCarthy did not officially say he's running to be the next mayor of Chicago Sunday.

Speaking at a campaign fundraiser at the Irish American Heritage Center, former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy painted a dire picture of the city, saying this about the South and West Sides.

"We all know that our city is in a mess right now," said McCarthy. "We are losing blacks and you know which blacks we are losing. We are losing the middle class taxpayers who can afford to get out from the South and West Sides. So who is being left behind is the trigger pullers. What kind of toxic soup is being created on the South and West Sides."

Two years ago, McCarthy was fired during the fallout from the Laquan McDonald police shooting scandal.

"When I got dismissed, we were doing ok. The murder rate was at 1965 levels. Overall crime was down dramatically," McCarthy said.McCarthy stopped short of officially announcing his bid for mayor.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is seeking a third term. Emanuel Campaign Spokesperson Pete Giangreco said in a statement Sunday: "This is more proof that Garry McCarthy and Donald Trump are two peas in a pod - a couple of New Yorkers more interested in trashing Chicago for their own political gain than finding solutions."

"He is a law and order candidate so that is going to be his issue. He is going to go after Rahm Emanuel very hard on it and Rahm Emanuel is very vulnerable on those issues," said ABC7 Political Analyst Laura Washington. 

"There is a lot more to the city than just crime, he would have to expand his base and his issues greatly to be able to have a chance against Rahm."The election is one year away. 

McCarthy is expected to make his decision soon on whether he's running.


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