Nelly Under Fire Again For Another SEXUAL ALLEGATION!

Nelly is under fire again. Reportedly, the 43-year-old rapper is being criminally investigated for an alleged sexual assault that took place in England.

A woman, whose identity has not been revealed, says that on December 5th she went to Nelly’s show in Essex. Afterward, she says she asked to take a picture with him and while taking the photo, he placed his arm tightly behind her and asked if she could stay behind to talk to him.

She agreed and says that they were by themselves and went to a room next to his dressing room. There she claims he began masturbating, tried to take her top off and attempted to kiss her. The accuser also says he tried to force her to perform oral sex on him but she ran out of the room and he called her a ‘c*nt’.

She says she waited to notify police because she feared that they wouldn’t believe her. A sexual assault investigation is now underway.

This latest allegation comes two months after a woman claimed Nelly raped her on a tour bus. Nelly has yet to comment.


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