Witness Says Adrien Broner Didn’t Touch Woman Accusing Him Of Assault!

We all know Adrien Broner has had his fair share of run-ins with law enforcement. The latest incident took place at #LenoxMall where a woman accused AB of “groping her inappropriately” resulting in an arrest for misdemeanor sexual battery. HOWEVER we got some tea from eye witnesses that paints a completely different story!

According to our source, Adrien was at Lenox Mall visibly drunk and acting out (that she confirmed). In the process, he did bump into a woman and they exchanged words for a minute. Our source did confirmed that he was speaking to her disrespectfully, but says she never saw him grope the woman at any point.

After their verbal altercation, the woman accusing Adrien went to get her boyfriend so he could talk to Adrien and by then everyone was taking footage of the incident. Though law enforcement said they felt they had enough evidence to detain Adrien, eye witnesses say it never happened!\


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