Dallas' Mayor Pro Tem Receiving Death Threats Over NRA Stance


Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway recently took a stand against the NRA and told the group to find a new home for their annual convention. The convention is scheduled to start on May 4th in the Dallas Convention Center and Caraway said there will "there will be marches and demonstrations should they come to Dallas." He is worried about the potential for those protests to turn violent, as tensions are running high following the school shooting in Florida on Valentine's Day that left 17 people dead. 

Caraway sat down with a TMZ reporter and was asked if he received any death threats following his comments. 

"Oh man. Come on. You should hear some of the stuff," Caraway said before adding "it's OK." He said his goal is to start the conversation about gun control and how best to tweak the rules for "today's society."

Caraway, who owns guns, said he is not against gun ownership but wants to find solutions to prevent future tragedies like the shooting in Florida or the 2016 attack that left multiple Dallas police officers dead. 


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