Lil Rel Shares How Kyrie Irving Was Happy About Being Traded?!?

According to Lil Rel, Kyrie Irving learned he was being traded from the Cavs to the Celtics while he was filming Uncle Drew. Rel explained that he didn't speak to Kyrie about the situation when they first met, because they didn't know one another very well.

As time went on, Lil Rel revealed that he became close with Kyrie and they began to talk openly about Irving wanting to leave Cleveland. Lil Rel told SportsCenter, “He was telling me everything. But then the dopest moment was when the trade actually went through. He was so happy man. We were in the middle of a scene. We were shooting a scene. His homeboy comes in, whispers in his ear, and he just runs off the set.

"We’re filming! He just runs out. We were in the club shooting a scene. He just runs out, so happy. He comes back, everybody’s applauding. And it was a dancing scene. So when you see the movie and he’s like really getting it, that’s him in real life. He was really happy.”


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