Cardi B Returns To Instagram & Drops A Teaser To New Music Video!

Cardi B is dropping a video for "Be Careful" Monday (May 21), and she's returned to Instagram to give fans a sneak peek at the visual.

"'Be Careful' video coming tomorrow on my youtube page. Love ya," she wrote.

The preview clip for the Invasion of Privacy track shows Cardi standing at the altar in a wedding dress before hinting at what's happening outside the church doors.

The rapper made headlines when she deleted her Instagram account last weekend after issuing a response to Azealia Banks, who threw some major insults at her in an interview.

Cardi recently revealed that she has two new music videos for songs off of Invasion of Privacy coming this month.

Watch the "Be Careful" teaser below and tune in to the full video when it premieres on YouTube.


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