Rhymefest and Kim Kardashian Fight Over Kanye West Abandoning Donda's House

Kim Kardashian vs. Rhyme, the short story: Rhymefest released a statement via DondasHouseINC.org asking fans to support Donda's House instead of Pusha T's new album, DAYTONA. 

"Our mission at Donda's House is to further the Legacy and Mission of Dr. Donda West by supporting young artists and communities. As a human and consumer you have a choice. I ask that instead of buying Pusha T's album you donate to dondashouseinc.org so we can finish rebuilding her Chicago home and create more artistic safe spaces. Thank you."

He went on to ask Drake via Twitter for a donation to finish Donda's House since Kanye West abandoned the nonprofit organization they co-founded in memory of the rapper’s late mother, Dr. Donda West.

Once Kim Kardashian (or Kanye West via Kim K's twitter account) got wind of the statement all hell broke loose and the two (or three) went back an forth. See the tweets below.

When questioned in the comments on his Instagram post as to why fans can't support both projects he said, "You can do both. I just don't support the cover of the album Ye paid 86k for that exploits the death of an icon (Whitney Houston). Doing something is better than doing nothing! #Luv"

If you are a Chicagoan you are likely aware of Rhymefest and his wife Donnie working hard on a daily basis in the Chicago community to improve life for the youth as well as give young creatives in Chicago opportunity and assistance.

UPDATE: Late Saturday evening Donnie released a statement regarding the future of @dondashouse, effective immediately. See below.

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