94-Year-Old Woman Goes Up Against Elgin Officials Over Big Trump Yard Sign!

A 94-year-old woman is getting ready for a fight with the City of Elgin over a giant sign in her front yard protesting President Trump.The city is saying she needs to take it down.

The message is unambiguous. In big, bold letters the sign on Myra Becker's front yard bluntly reads "Impeach President Trump Now."

"This is not a frivolous thing to me. This is very serious," Becker said.

At her age, Becker said she doesn't have many outlets for expression.

"I can't march anymore, I can't protest, there's so many things I can't do," she said.So, frustrated, in February she custom-ordered an oversized sign and gave another to her neighbor.

"I just said big," said Becker.But that was the problem.

"The city suddenly came out and said they have to go," said Carl Flaks, the neighbor Becker gave her second sign to.  

"The size is obnoxious. It really is. If you want to put a small sign out, that's fine," said Frank Shields, neighbor.

The city said in a statement they don't regulate the content or message of the sign, just the size. Regulation is three square feet. Becker's is nearly four times that big.

"I have respect for the law and if that's the law, ok, I'll abide by it," said Becker.

She plans to do the same with a smaller, one-word sign.

"I think people know what 'Impeach' means," she said.


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