SoloSam Drops EP : ITIS

ITIS is available on all streaming platforms. Listen here: ITIS

SoloSam has been hard at work the last year producing the EP ITIS. Recently, he released a stunning visual for his single fast. 

Today, June 26, SoloSam has released his latest work, ITIS. Complete with seven songs, including "Fast". The project takes you through a timeline of his life; From family, to friends, relationships, and finances. 

The project is produced by SoloSam himself, and mixed and masted by Chicago producer, Banks the Genius. The work really shows confidence, self- awareness, and gratitude embodied by SoloSam. 

The talented rapper took to voice his thoughts on his project:

While SoloSam has impeccable producing skills, his rhymes, do not fall short either:

Check out some of the memorable lines featured:

"...Tryna turn these pages on these history books, I mean my Gospel Cassius Clay boy you feelin' these hooks..." 

"Hot like when the landlord ain't turn on the AC yet, I'm placing bets, whose in my stretch? Betchu they go'n tear they muscle..."

"Really be all in my predicate, etiquette, kinda like a veteran when I'n headin' in, you is like an infantry you just started, you deeply departed, the people you workin' with..."

On the track, Dogs Go 2 Heaven, you can listen to his talents come through your speakers, the track ends with a SoloSam instrumental. 

ITIS is available on all streaming platforms. Listen here: ITIS

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