WATCH: Chicago Girl Struck In The Head With A HAMMER At McDonalds!

A teenager is recovering after a hammer attack Monday night at a McDonald’s near the Magnificent Mile.

Jasmine Ware, 16, says she had just finished up some shopping Monday night on Michigan Avenue, and was hungry, so she went to the McDonald’s on Chicago Avenue to grab a bite.

She left in an ambulance, and needed three stitches to close a gash in her forehead.

Jasmine said, around 9:15 p.m., she walked by two women loudly arguing in the McDonald’s, and went to place an order. One of those women confronted the teen, and accused her of cutting the line.

According to Jasmine, the 36-year-old suspect then pulled a hammer out of her purse and several people started yelling. That’s when Jasmine slipped on some water or a piece of paper on the floor.

“I slipped and fell towards her, and she thought I was fixing to fight her and stuff. So once I came towards her, she hit me with the hammer,” Jasmine said. “She was already mad about the other lady. They was just arguing. So I just felt like she really took it out on me.”

Police charged the suspect, Hannah Walker of the 4200 block of West North Avenue, with misdemeanor battery causing bodily harm, on Tuesday.

Jasmine’s grandmother, Sharon Brown, said she feared the worst.

“She said blood was everywhere. I said, ‘Oh man.’ I was just thinking the worst; thinking the worst, because hit in the head with a hammer, that could be pretty serious,” Brown said.

Police said officers found the suspect behind the counter, still holding the hammer, when they arrived on the scene.

Walker is scheduled for an Aug. 1 court date.


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