OMG!! Social Media DRAGS Cardi B For Comparing Offset To...

Martin Luther King Jr. had many dreams during his historic and groundbreaking life, which fundamentally transformed America. But his dream surely did not include someone using of his personal shortcomings to justify someone else’s serial infidelity.

That was precisely the case with the meteorically rising rap raven Cardi B. Some people believe that Cardi B has gone off the deep end completely with her social media postings defending her husband and group member Offset. 

Now that the world is aware that Cardi B, 26, and Offset, 28, were secretly married last September, some speculate that he cheated on her while they were married.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper appeared to be stung deeply by such comments, and she has been steadily clapping back on Instagram.

But it is the way that she chooses to defend Offset that has folks doing double-takes. In one post, Cardi B said cultural icons the likes of MLK, Kobe Bryant and Jay-Z also cheated on their wives, and therefore people should not be so quick to judge her situation with Offset, who was captured on film with other women.

Twitter, of course, dragged Cardi B for her reference to the legendary civil rights leader. Here is a small sampling of Black Twitter’s blistering blow-black to Cardi B’s reference to the venerated King.


Check out some the rants below!

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