Protesters shut down the Dan Ryan today!

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TSR STAFF: Chantel Kelli! @_popchanny! _____________________ #Chicago showed up and showed out today, #Roommates! One of Chicago’s major highways, Dan Ryan Pkwy was shut down early Saturday as demonstrators marched to protest Chicago’s gun violence epidemic. _____________________ According to CNN, all 5 inbound lanes were brought to a standstill in an effort to demand “national common sense gun laws,” and more public resources, better schools, economic development, and more jobs for their communities. _____________________ The march was led by Rev. Michael Pfleger. We hear that police attempted to minimize the protest by giving protestors only two lanes to march in. But Rev. Pfleger had other plans. “We will not march on the side of the highway. We’re marching on the highway,” he responded. Eventually, police met their demands, allowing – read more at! 📷: @tim6ixx

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Earlier today the Dan Ryan was shut down for a protest. I think its dope that eberyone came together for this but i felt that they should have walked through neighborhoods i know people who were late for stuff because of this. 



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