VIDEO: Protests Still Taking Place After Police Shots Man in South Shore

Police are responding to shooting in Chicago’s South Shore neighborhood.

The incident happened near 71st and Chappel around 5:30 p.m. Monday, about one block away from where a fatal police-involved shooting happened over the weekend. 

Police say a man was shot, possibly hit in the leg. It is unclear what happened or if anyone is in custody at this time.

There is no reason to believe the incident is related to the shooting over the weekend.

Police continue to investigate both incidents.

Meantime protestors are at the scene of the fatal police-involved shooting that happened over the weekend demanding justice. Police say the dash cam video shows the man carrying a gun. The man seen in the video is identified as Harith Augustus.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports the protestors are asking for police to release the name of the officer who shot the 37-year-old man and for the charges against a protestor accused of unrest Saturday to be dropped.

Extra police are on the scene for both the shooting and the protest.


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