Parents Locked Child In Basement Because She's Possessed By A Demon?!

A girl was being held captive in the basement of her family home in north suburban Waukegan, apparently because her parents believed she was possessed by a demon.

Sources tell CBS 2 that the 10-year-old  was forced to use a bucket to bathe and a portable potty training toilet to use the bathroom.  She was locked in the basement of the home in the 200 block of Liberty Street at night, police said.

She was found on Tuesday, after authorities say they received an anonymous tip. They were able to get the girl out safely. Authorities believe she was held in these conditions for about a year.

The parents believed their daughter needed to be kept separated from the rest of the family. She had limited contact with her three siblings, ages 15, 13 and seven. The gender of those children is not being released. The children are now in the care of DCFS.


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