Beyonce Reveals She Had Emergency C-Section!

 Beyonce reveals she had an emergency Caesarean section when she delivered her twins.

The singer, in a series of essays in September's Vogue magazine, says she was 218 pounds and was swollen from toxemia. The 36-year-old says they spent many weeks in intensive care and her husband, Jay Z, was "such a strong support system.

"She says she put pressure on herself to lose weight in the three months after the birth of her first child. But after the twins, she approached things differently.

Beyonce says she has a "little mommy pouch" and she's in no rush to get rid of it.

She says it's important for her to help open doors for younger artists.For the cover, Beyonce tapped photographer Tyler Mitchell, who is the first African American photographer to shoot a Vogue cover.

Vogue magazine tweeted a photo of their groundbreaking September issue's cover, which features Beyonce in a floral headpiece and white dress.

The magazine gave Beyonce "unprecedented control" over the photographs and captions.

On Saturday, Beyonce and Jay-Z bring their OTR II Tour to Soldier Field in Chicago.


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