Possible Cougar In Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs Backyard

A big cat warning has been issued in a northwest suburban community following a probable cougar sighting.

Between the nature in Streamwood and suburban life, there are concerns about the wildlife. The neighborhood has been put on alert there could be a cougar sighting in the area.

“I was surprised! I wasn’t expecting a mountain lion being in the neighborhood,” said Streamwood resident Lora Williams.

Williams is just one of many notified by letter and a community website for Surrey Woods and surround communities that at least one cougar could be nearby.

According to the posting earlier this week, one homeowner saw a large catlike animal move across their yard and climb a tree along the area near Surrey Woods Park.

The homeowner contacted the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and was told it was a “probable cougar sighting,” adding there have been several within five to ten miles of the community.


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