Chicago Files New Lawsuit Over Sanctuary City Policy

The ongoing legal battle over so-called sanctuary cities is intensifying, as lawyers for the City of Chicago are filing another lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Justice.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to announce the city will file a new lawsuit Friday. This is all to block the latest attempt by The Trump Administration and the DOJ to put conditions on a federal grant to support local law enforcement efforts in sanctuary cities.

The Trump Administration, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, want to block grant money to cities that refuse to enforce immigration laws.

Recently, a federal judge sided with the city of Chicago, denying a motion by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to dismiss parts of the lawsuit the city brought forth.

And although the City won several legal victories, the justice department has not yet released the 2017 grant of more than $2 million to Chicago. On top of that, the city of Chicago has yet to receive an award letter for the 2018 grant.


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