Dwight Howard's Alleged Gay Lover Speaks Out On Their "Relationship"

Masin Elije has been trending on Twitter, and he put Dwight Howard on blast via multiple tweets and his stunning pictures are making headlines.

Masin, who is a writer, claimed that Howard is his ex-boyfriend. They allegedly had a romance, but that came to an end after the NBA star fell for someone else and cheated.

Masin said he feared for his life and has therefore contacted the authorities to protect him.

Here are the tweets posted by Masin: “My relationship with Dwight pretty much was over in my eyes, especially after he threatened to “beat the sh*t out of me” of course I’m mouthy and threatened him back and said harsh things. SO THIS IS WHERE THE STORY BEGINS… So one day, I started getting private calls, I was told that it was Dwight, I entertained a couple conversations but turns out IT WAS NOT DWIGHT!”

Masin added: “Calvin works for Dwight and Calvin begun to get irate, disrespectful and homophobic as I continued to deny his “hush money” and said I wasn’t signing the NDA! He tried to insult my intelligence telling me Dwight doesn’t know me and “I never spoke to dwight” Despite me meeting him”.


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