In a recent interview with The Chicago Sun-Times, R.Kelly's 1st lawyer from his trial in 2008 says, “He was guilty as hell!” Ed Genson said. “I don’t think he’s done anything inappropriate for years. I’ll tell you a secret: I had him go to a doctor to get shots, libido-killing shots. That’s why he didn’t get arrested for anything else.” Genson’s said he withheld his comments not influencing any potential jurors, but he gave permission to publish them after Kelly’s angry, interview on CBS. Check out an excerpt below from the Chicago Sun-Times:

“I didn’t facilitate him. He had already done what he’d done,” Genson said. “I did facilitate him in the sense I kept him out of trouble for 10 years. I was vetting his records. I listened to them, which ones would make a judge mad.”

That’s why, Genson said, he knew Kelly was attracted to young girls. Because of lyrics Genson kept Kelly from using.

“I was riding in the car, listening to a song and said, ‘Are you crazy? This is all I need.’ He re-wrote it.”

Which song?

“Ignition,” Genson said. “It’s a song related to a guy driving around in a car with his girlfriend. It was originally a high school instructor in a class teaching people how to drive a car. I changed the words.”

Genson said Kelly, while a tremendous talent capable of writing hit songs, is “not a very bright person” and might have become reckless after beating the rap in Florida.

“What he doesn’t understand is this: If you win a case with somebody, they think they’re bulletproof,” Genson said. “You’re almost better off, sort of, losing. He thinks he can do whatever the hell he wants. He has done everything he can to hurt himself.”

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