Melo Makes Music Talks About Working with Taylor Bennet

Melo Makes Music stopped by the WGCI studio to kick it with Kendra G and DJ MileHigh!

He spoke on his type of music. He likes to mesh all genres of music together allowing him to be outside the box.

Melo Makes Music is an independent artist from the south side of Chicago with a unique gender neutral style. In January of 2018 MMM released his lead single for his then project Hold Your Tongue with Nylon Magazine where they highlighted the artists stylistic background. As a rising talent, Melo’s sound can be described as alternative music rooted in hip-hop but explores genres like grunge, R&B, folk, dance, and musical theatre. Through his music and related content Melo aims to bridge cultural and artistic gaps through juxtaposition.

Melo has collaborated with artists such has Ravyn Lenae, Supa Bwe, Tatiana Hazel, and producer Martin $ky. In the spring of 2018 MMM was made an ambassador for Soundcloud’s First Creator Campaign, performed 24 live shows on on tour with Taylor Bennett and made his official debut at SXSW.That fall Melo released Hold Your Tongue on all platforms via The Fader. At the start of 2019 MMM appeared onThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert making his national television debut alongside Taylor Bennett. He followed that up by holding a special performance at the Apple Store in Chicago. In March 2019 Melo released the lead single “High Vibrations” from his upcoming EP titled “Odyssey Fun World”. Since the release the reaction has been electric earning well over 200k streams so far and has recently received a placement on the NBA’s official Instagram.

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