Jamell Pierre Talks Battle Rap, and Hit Making as a Kid From Chicago

Jamell Pierre stopped by The 312 Come Up Show to kick it with Kendra G & DJ VDub! Jamell talks about how he went from battle rapping to hit making.

As a Chicago native Jamell Pierre turns his live performances into a super energetic production! Artful, fun, creative, lively, and endearing is how you can describe Jamell Pierre's style. He doesn’t give a single second of boredom during performances, as he floats across the stage, spewing his irrefutable lyrics into the air, bouncing to the beat, hands waving back and forth, while the audience eagerly basks in his grandeur. It takes a true musical champion to accomplish such a feat, and you will find that executable talent in Jamell. A trend setting individual whom is tackling the Hip-hop world with an unforeseen momentum. Jamell Pierre has his finger firmly on the pulse of the nation’s current social climate and he works to translate that in his music. Check out Jamell Pierre on The Come Up Show below.



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