The Rapper, Game, is fed up! He spoke out about the recent killing of an unarmed black man that took place in LA, near his hometown.

The Game took to Instagram to voice his rage about what is happening in black communities in relation to the police. See his cry below.

Another young black man taken away from his children at the hands of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department. Under no circumstances should anyone unarmed be shot 37 times. Read the number.... 37 times !!!! This is a sick pattern & happens way too often these days. A father, a son, a brother, a human. 37 bullets & for what ?!?!? What’s the explanation... How y’all gone try to cover this one up ?!?!? Killed in Compton on 132nd & San Pedro in a neighborhood I’m all too familiar with. There has always been tension between the Sheriff’s & the youth in Compton & the hatred authority has for black children & those of Hispanic background is very visible & most including myself do or did whatever necessary to avoid confrontation with you heartless mothafuckas. What about Ryan, enraged you so much that you felt the need to shoot him 37 fuckin times while he was unarmed ?!?!? Sad times we are living in as this occurrence & ones like it get little or know media coverage as we know the mass agenda wants it swept under the rug. Let a civilian shoot an officer 37 times & the entire world would’ve known about it as soon as it happened. What does the value of ones life depend on ? Color ?? Privilege ???? Job title ?? What is it ??? Police, peace officers, protect & serve.... naw, y’all trained assassins these days & young minorities are being targeted & gunned down with no regard for their lives. This shit really hurts my heart. & then the media wants posts about his murder but fails to include the amount of times he was shot just for sitting in his car with with girlfriend & friend who were beaten & taken into custody. And I repeat, no weapon was found on his person or at the scene. I’d ask, how do y’all sleep at night but I already know the answer is “comfortably” as police killing men of color in this country seems to be legal at the rate situations like this arise. My condolences to Ryan’s entire family as I am truly saddened to hear of his murder & the magnitude of force inflicted on him in such a defenseless state. 24 years old & stripped of his future by cowards#JusticeForRyanTwyman#WIPBenzo🙏🏾

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